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The Idea -
This is different, writing about myself. This is much more awkward for me to write than it is for you to read. Doing the best I can to be informative & perhaps you’ll get a giggle out of it;-) Thanks to the ease of the internet I’ve never formally met many of my current clients. Perhaps it’s old school, but I find this really odd. I’m writing this in hope of bridging that gap. Hoping this will help you to know me a bit better, so you’ll be more comfortable working with me. Hope it works!
From, Family & Friends -
Born in Oklahoma city, we moved to Richardson Texas in 1967. Dover Elementary, West Jr High, Richardson High School, & spent some quality time at Walden Prep in Dallas. Divorced with no kiddos, w/the exception of my 3 cats that I love dearly;-) For 20 years I’ve lived in Carrollton, my folks are still in Richardson, & my brother & my niece live in Frisco Texas. Life has blessed me with so many people that have guided me thru, & guarded me from. Wonderfully sincere & loving friends of 35+ years, family that are my very best friends, & critters that warm my soul. I'm the most kind & passive person you’ll ever meet. Please don’t challenge this by messing with those I hold dear. I’m nothing if not loyal;-)
Strong Beliefs -
I don’t lie, cheat or steal, & I believe that hate, envy & jealousy are wasted emotions. I treat everybody the way I’d like to be treated & am a firm believer in Karma. It is a fact that it’s everybody’s responsibility to take care of those less fortunate or unable to take care of themselves. I believe there is a special place in hell for those that are cruel to &/or neglectful of children, animals & the elderly. Also for those without compassion, empathy, & conscience. I won’t discuss religion or politics. Am consistently happy & will do everything in my power to keep my clients & friends that way. I always give 110%, be there for you in a pinch, & make my little part of your life as effortless & fun as possible. Life really needs to be more fun. This grown up thing kind of stinks so only do it when you have to;-)
Why -
My folks always told me, “Do what you love & you’ll never have to “work” another day in your life”. Being self employed in sales, they also told me “Sales is a wonderful way to make an honest living & your income is only limited by how much you can & want to sell”. While realizing both of these statements were true, I had no idea what I “loved” to do. I didn’t want to & couldn’t sell anything I didn’t believe in. It had to be something people really wanted & needed.
Beginning -
I finally found my nitch in the service industry & loved it – what a dream job! People want & need food & fluids. They asked for it, I delivered it. The more happy & sincere I was, the more money I made! I went from hostess, to speed bartender in high volume establishments, managing, maintaining staff, inventory, & keeping books for absentee owners. After 14 years, my mind had become idle, & I could go no further financially without going into food management or opening a place of my own. With ownership & dealing w/food, one wrong move could have horrendous results. I didn’t want this responsibility, but I did want to continue working with the public. Supplying people with what they want and need, while challenging my mind.
Destiny -
In May of 1988 an ad in the paper caught my eye, & continued to for several weeks. Something like “Outside sales, no leads, straight commission”, & it was an hour away. Every day, while searching for my “destiny”, this ad kept jumping out. I finally drove to find a small office w/an owner & a secretary. I could sell “business toys” whenever, however much, or little I wanted. Every evening & weekend I’d approach former employers & every shopping mall for miles. Uniforms for the service industry, magnets for the pizza place & cedar chips for the dry cleaners. So many different clients, products, factories, art, & events! My mind was racing and I was having a blast!
Finally -
July 21st, 1988 I left the service industry, registered Just Imagine w/the state & set up office on my tiny apartments floor. Within a year I had a small office/showroom. Over the course of 15 years I had 3 office/showrooms, each one bigger than the last. I moved my office to my home in 2004. When the internet landed hard upon my industry, there was no more need for showrooms. With everything online, if somebody wants to see a sample, have one sent to them. Another hurdle was electronic art - now required by most factories. With so many adjustments to make, the industry lost a lot of wonderful folks to technology. But this was an opportunity! Distributors had left & their clients needed me! My mentor of 20 years actually gave me her client base, with the understanding that I would take good care of them. Fairly certain they’de tell you I’ve kept my word;-)
Loving it -
I’ve had the honor of being partially responsible for 5 people starting businesses, my brother being one of them. Over the years I’ve made some wonderful friends & connections also. This allows me a great resource & networking group. We work together to find product, the best suppliers, to hustle last minute orders thru, etc… Hard to believe the majority of these folks are my competitors. Just one more reason I truly do love my business;-)
Side interest –
When not working w/clients, or business in general, I spend all the time I can with my family & my kitties – the loves of my life;-) You can see all under the photo tab on my FB page.
I'm on the steering commitee for 2 annual events for my fav critter charity, I do what I can for all charities, but am especially fond of the critters! Attending charitable functions is a great way to give & have fun! Wish I'd time to do more.
I love my garden. It’s very therapeutic to be at one with nature. In the name of staying healthy I walk or ride my bike a bit daily. How long depends on this Texas heat!
Travel is high on the list as well. I’m a city girl all the way so NYC is my fav US destination. Our states have a lot of beauty to offer so I take in as much as possible. Cruises are fun, but don’t offer the true freedom I appreciate. Traveling abroad is wonderful! Holland, London, Ukraine, Prague, Italy, Spain, deep in the heart of Mexico, Jamacia, most any island & the list goes on. 3 places I’ve yet to get to & that are high on my list are Greece, being a lover of nature the Galapagos Islands, and being a romantic, Paris in springtime;-)
So there ya go! Any questions? Give me a buzz & thanks much;-)
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